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Meta-Skills That Build Collective and Transformational Leadership

Teresa Cowan Jones, M. DIV

Teresa Cowan Jones, M. DIV

In a community and world that face deep adaptive challenges, 21st century leadership calls for adaptive skills. What is collective and transformational leadership and how is it developed? What traits and skills support it? Meta-Skills are those skills that enable us to more effectively use all of our other skills and include such adaptive competencies as emotional and contextual intelligence, neuroleadership and mindfulness. Due to the recent enhancement of brain scan technologies, we now better understand how we actually develop these abilities which are most critical for effectiveness,  leadership and fulfillment. Upon reflecting on the nature of leadership and then outlining the meta-skills that cultivate it and their importance to our personal and professional lives, an explanation of how the brain masters this skill set will be offered.  The research results presented change heretofore common perceptions of intelligence, training, learning, leadership and performance. These findings have serious implications for how we as humans change and manage others, engage professional development, increase our profitability, fundraise, and build a thriving community.

Teresa Cowan Jones is an executive and personal coach and owner of TC Jones Coaching, specializing in leadership, professional and personal development. She also serves as Chief Executive Officer of the Breakthrough Leadership Institute, a leadership and community development initiative focused on building the capacity of diverse leaders to address regional issues, and is coach and faculty in a national, nonpartisan leadership organization developing high-potential, political leaders. Author of over one hundred tools for effectiveness, she holds a B.S. in Psychology and a Master of Divinity (a four-year interdisciplinary degree) from Vanderbilt University, both with highest honors. A professionally trained graduate of Coach U, she also completed advanced training in Executive Coaching. This ten-year formal study of human development reflects her love for behavioral science and translates into a keen ability to facilitate the change process for individuals and organizations.

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