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More Askers=More Money: An All-Staff Approach to Major Gifts Fundraising

Most development directors work heroically to get their board members engaged in face to face fundraising — with very mixed results. Yet we tend to forget about the other “human resource” available to us: the staff. Using successful case studies, we will discuss ways to engage employees in cultivating, asking, and thanking donors.

• How to define and create a “culture of fundraising” within your organization

• Identifying barriers and strategies to address them

• Training your colleagues how to ask

• Adapting the all-staff model to the specific needs and limitations of your group

For 30 years Andy Robison has worked with a variety of nonprofits as a fundraiser, publicist, grantwriter, and community organizer. Since starting his consulting practice in 1995, he has provided support and training to thousands of nonprofit staff and volunteers in 47 U.S. states and Canada.
He specializes in the needs of organizations working for human rights, social justice, environmental conservation, and community development.
His books include Grassroots Grants, Second Edition and Selling Social Change (Without Selling Out): Earned Income Strategies for Nonprofits, available from Jossey-Bass. His latest books, Big Gifts for Small Groups and Great Boards for Small Groups, were published by Emerson & Church, the book division of Contributions magazine.
He lives in Plainfield, Vermont with his spouse Jan, a woodlot filled with wildlife, and a garden that is completely out of control.

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