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A Time To Thrive, Not Just Survive: How A Great Team Makes All the Difference

Some would say that this is a bizarre time to talk about talent management, but the truth is just the opposite. We are going through major changes in business and the economists are telling us that when the recovery hits, doing business will never be the same as it once was. Therefore, now is the time to take action so your business can move away from survival mode and begin the process of thriving.

Your first action is to decide what your future should look like based on the structural changes that have taken place during the recent recession. Next, you will need to determine what your infrastructure should look like in order to achieve your vision. One of the central elements to a thriving future is your people. It is imperative that you have a competent, stable and well-led workforce.

In this session we will talk about the design of your infrastructure, what functions need to be in place, and help you determine if you have the right people in the right seats with the right skills, attitude and energy. It’s time to raise the bar in all areas, especially in talent management. We will discuss why upgrading staff may be vital and why this is the time to do it. If you do not make the appropriate functional changes and reevaluate your current staff, no amount of technology, equipment or marketing will make you thrive.

Topics covered:

·    Creating a vision that puts you back on a success path.
·    Evaluating your readiness for the recovery.
·    Determining the gaps in your current infrastructure.
·    Determining if your team is up to the challenge.
·    How to measure current staff against the needed functions.
·    Fire? Retain and retrain? Hire and Develop?
·    How to build a competent, stable, well-led workforce.
·    Why this is the best time to hire.

Who should attend?

This session is highly recommended for business owners, managers, supervisors and human resource personnel who are involved with any part of the talent management process.
Debra Thompson is an internationally recognized consultant, speaker and author of five books. Debra knows that business success is dependent on creating a competitive advantage by establishing a competent, stable well-led workforce. Her believe is so strong, she has spent the last 15 years creating and implementing a disciplined process using the latest tools in aptitude and attitude assessments for hiring that guarantees only top performers.

This proven process has been documented in her most recent book, co-authored with Bill Greif, titled No More Rotten Eggs – A Dozen Steps to Grade AA Talent Management. The book has been published by McGraw-Hill and is now in bookstores everywhere.

Most of Debra’s career has been in the graphic industry. From 1977 to 1994, she owned and operated a successful printing company in Orchard Lake, MI. Upon selling it, she relocated to Tucson, AZ, and established TG & Associates to provide business consulting and human resource services for small to mid-size businesses and organizations. Her presentations have covered the full scope of talent management and she has become recognized for her guidance on building great teams, especially in tough economic times. She is often introduced as the “Expert in the People Side of Business.”

Two years ago, Debra took a sabbatical from the speaking and consulting circuit and accepted a position as a General Manager of a large commercial/digital printing company in Tucson. It was an opportunity to get back in the trenches and practice what she has learned and been preaching. Now with the launch of the new book, she is doing less GM work and more speaking, consulting and writing.

Debra is the founding president of the Southern Arizona Chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners. She was the 1998 NAWBO Tucson Business Woman of the Year and in 2003 was awarded the PrintImage International Industry Award of Distinction. She is a certified professional speaker of the National Speakers Association and also certified to analyze and consult using the DISC profiling system.

Educational materials available:
No More Rotten Eggs – A Dozen Steps to Grade AA Talent Management
Authors: Debra Thompson and Bill Greif
Published February 2010 by McGraw-Hill Professional
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