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Jerry Panas – Presents Two Workshops

The Association of Fundraising Professionals, Southern Arizona Chapter, is proud to team up with the United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona, to bring world-renowned fundraiser Jerold Panas to Tucson. Dr. Panas is Chief Executive Officer of one of the nation’s premier and largest firms in the field of campaign services and financial resource development. A frequent speaker at fundraising conferences and seminars, Dr. Panas is also a regular contributor to professional journals and a noted author. Among his many books, he is author of the all-time best selling book, Mega Gifts, now in its ninth printing. His book, Boardroom Verities is acclaimed as a resource that raises board membership and governance to inspirational new heights.

Dr. Panas has been professionally involved in fundraising and financial resource development for over thirty years. He combines this understanding and experience in the field with a special talent for strategic planning and volunteer development. He would be among a small handful considered to be one of the most effective coaches in the nation.

Dr. Panas will present two workshops in Tucson on Wednesday October 10 at the DoubleTree Reid Park. This will replace the regularly scheduled AFP monthly breakfast meeting which would have taken place on Friday October 12. The first Session will be from 9:00am-10:15am and the second session will go from 10:30am-11:45am.

First Session:
In this presentation, Jerold Panas tells how to prepare the right people…to call on the right prospects… for the right amount… and in the right way. He cautions about the nine reasons prospects decide not to make a gift.
And he describes the eight factors that distinguish an annual campaign from a major effort.
Jerry is regarded as the doyen of major gift fundraising. In this session, he takes you through a step-by-step analysis of the actions necessary to achieve a successful ask.
Panas explains how setting the appointment is the single most difficult part of calling on a prospect— and how everything after that is easy! He explains how to overcome negatives to getting the visit.
In the presentation, Panas explores the importance of silence and not filling the air— and how to listen the gift. He shows how feel …felt…found are your best friends in answering objections and are a sure way to turn a situation around.
There is a listening exercise and role playing. And he explains how his C.I.N.C.H. process moves the session from the first moment of uneasiness to the gift.
Best of all, he tells you how to use his Four Magic Questions. This ensures the gift.
There is a discussion on how to determine the right amount to ask for and identify the factors that go into a major gift. There’s plenty of group participation throughout.
This session is a lively step-by-step compendium of how to take the fear out of asking (not that you have that problem!). And it will help you crack your volunteers.
Panas is considered a Giftsmith. In this presentation, you learn how to coach your volunteers to be their most effective best. It will demonstrate how to reinforce their comfort and confidence. This session is a step-by-step success-builder.

Second Session
From the time MEGA GIFTS was first published, it became a runaway best seller. It is now in its ninth printing and is considered a classic in the fundraising field. It is the most read and quoted book in the field.
The focus of this presentation is based on MEGA GIFTS and the factors Jerold Panas uncovered which ignite and motivate men and women to give— particularly large gifts. The speech is an exhilarating exploration of what the author-consultant says really gets under the skin of people and provides the incentive for the gift.
You explore 22 major factors that motivate giving. From that group, you discuss the six factors that are the over-riding most important. You also review the four that are the least important.
There are surprises along the way and lively exchanges with participants. It’s a fun presentation with actual stories that pepper and bring home the salient points.
Dr. Panas is one of the nation’s most highly regarded consultants in the field of philanthropy. His speech is based on market research with 3,000 fundraising executives and depth interviews with 30 men and women who have made gifts of $1 million or more— a numbers of whom have made many gifts of $1 million or more.
The presentation is a penetrating and stimulating look at what is the end result of all our fundraising efforts. You have a front-row seat into the inner-most thoughts of major donors and what spurs them to go from head to heart to checkbook.

AFP Members:
$30/single session; $45/both sessions
Non-AFP Members: $45/single session; $75/both sessions
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