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The Five Tool Fundraiser: The Characteristics of the Best in our Business

MaySpeakerIn baseball, the best all-around players are called “five-tool” ballplayers. These players excel at hitting for average, hitting for power, base running skills and speed, throwing ability, and fielding abilities. Each of these abilities on its own is important and can make you a major leaguer, but the five-tool players are the rarest, the most accomplished, the most scouted and recruited, and the most revered. Interestingly, like baseball, the skills that make up a hall of fame fundraiser can potentially also be boiled down to five core talents. Those development professionals with the proven ability to raise money, manage up, manage down, work effectively with volunteers, and be strategic are as rare as the $100 million gift – and just as valuable. Join us to lean what it takes to become a “five-tool” fundraiser and the tools and resources that can help elevate your game to the hall of fame level.

Christopher Looney was born into fundraising as the son of two of the country’s most respected development professionals. Now in his 16th year with CCS, Chris maintains responsibility for managing the firm’s operations in Southern California. Chris is passionate about working collaboratively with his clients to help them realize their needs and vision through transformational giving. Chris has assisted more than 250 major fundraising initiatives raising hundreds of millions of dollars for organizations large and small. Unlocking the potential for his clients is what fuels Chris’ passion for the work.

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