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“What Makes a Great Fundraiser”










Presented by Simone Joyaux and Tom Ahern.

A special 90 minute session.
2 for the price of 1.

Two of America’s best-known and most-popular fundraisers — Simone Joyaux and Tom Ahern — will join us for a special, two-for-the-price-of-one discussion on January 9. Their topic:  “What Makes a Great Fundraiser?” Their audience? Every Executive Director and Development Officer in Southern Arizona needs to know the skills and qualities most likely to produce successful outcomes in your own development office.

“Dear Simone and Tom: We are now hiring our fourth development officer in 36 months. Obviously, we aren’t very good at this. What should we be looking for?”  If you are an E.D. or a board member, you should join us January 9.

“Dean Simone and Tom: My boss and my board are driving me crazy. I’m looking for another job. How can I be a great fundraiser at my next job?”  If THIS sounds familiar, YOU should join us January 9.  It’s our Happy New Year gift to you!

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Nonmembers - $36.35