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Understanding Your Board — and Vice Versa

At our next meeting May 8, Alice Ferris and Jim Anderson will explore a topic near and dear to us all: board relations. We’ve all met Mr. Know-It-All and Ms. Social Butterfly. We’ve all been in the room when a board members says, “Let’s Call Bill Gates.” Board relations can be frustrating, but helping your organization create an effective board can be a godsend to your development plan.

In this session, Alice and Jim will discuss individual and collective challenges we sometimes face with our boards and how we might manage change — not easy when we are seldom the person in charge. Be part of an interesting, interactive morning on May 8!Al

GoalbustersAlice Ferris and Jim Anderson are partners in Goalbusters, a Flagstaff consultancy that provides interactive support in fundraising, marketing and strategic planning. Both are AFP Master Teachers who have presented to fundraising organizations throughout North America.




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