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Donor-Center Fundraising: Meet Penelope Burk

Fundraising superstar Penelope Burk will make her first-ever visit to Tucson with a special, 4-hour presentation October 9th. All tickets are $40. (Note: If you prepaid for the year, this program is included in the package.) Ms. Burk will offer two 90-minute sessions. The first will focus on “Donor-Centered Fundraising: How to Hold on to Your donors and Raise More Money.“  She will describe her long career of research and the strategies she developed to enhance donor loyalty over long periods of time.

After a 20-minute intermission, Penelope will begin a second session entitled “Under the Radar: How to Unleash Young Donors’ Philanthropy.” She will discuss what makes younger donors tick, and how we might unlock a lifetime of giving by stewarding them now.

From 11:30 to noon, Ms. Burk will be selling and signing copies of her books. This remarkable morning will be co-hosted by United Way, the Community Foundation of Southern Arizona, the Jewish Community Foundation of Southern Arizona, Alexander & Carrillo Fundraising and Development-PLUS. Come meet Penelope Burk!

PENELOPE BURK - PHOTOwebPenelope Burk, whose ground-breaking research in the many facets of philanthropy has made her one of the most important figures in the fundraising world, will make her first-ever visit to Tucson October 9.

Ms. Burk is the founder and President of Cygnus Applied Research, a team of senior consultants who offer statistical analysis and tactical advice to fundraising programs around the world.  Penelope’s advocacy for donors can be seen in “Donor-Centered Fundraising,” a best-selling book that established her as the sector’s foremost authority on fundraising research, training and planning.

Her most recent book, “Donor-Centered Leadership,” focuses on the importance of training – and keeping – quality professionals. She tackles one of the most perplexing challenges in fundraising today: the high turnover rate of talented staff members.  Ms. Burk, who lives in Toronto, has 40 years of experience in not-for-profit management, fundraising and research.

Welcome to Tucson Penelope Burk!

Meeting Fee - $40