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Oppression is, Oppression is, Oppression is Oppression.

Formerly titled: Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity: When Doing the Right Thing Just Happens to be Good for Business, Too

Tom Buchanan will moderate a diverse panel discussing the difficulties certain communities have in finding their place at the table. We all talk diversity, inclusion and equity, but what are members of those communities finding as they walk the walk? And what does it take to be able to claim that your organization has a deep and meaningful commitment to inclusion? What are the challenges organizations representing diverse communities have in getting their voices heard and having success in the philanthropic universe?

Panel Moderator: Tom Buchanan, LGBTQ+ Alliance Fund of the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona

Panelists: Vicki Cuscino, Executive Director, DIRECT Center for Independence, Inc. and Counseling DIRECTions, LLC; Andrea Carmichael, Community Foundation for Southern Arizona and Edna Meza Aguirre, JD, CFRE, Director of Philanthropy, Florence Immigration Project.

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