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Community Foundation Campus Update

Monday, February 5th, 2018

Clint Mabie, President/CEO of the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona (CFSA), will share an update on the new Community Foundation Campus (CF Campus) and the exciting opportunities the Campus will offer to nonprofits in our community. The CF Campus located at 5049 E Broadway Blvd will house CFSA and its programs and initiatives, and serve as a home for 20 to 30 additional nonprofits. It will become a shared space for community advancement. In addition, Mr. Mabie will provide an update on CORE grants and share important information related to their second grant round. In March 2017, CORE grants were launched as part of CFSA’s grant making strategy to confront 21st-century challenges and achieve greater impact. The purpose of the grants is to provide unrestricted operating support for high-impact nonprofits. Join us to learn more about the importance of having a campus for nonprofits and grant making opportunities.

Clinton Mabie joined the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona as President and CEO in May of 2010. Mr. Mabie started his career in the nonprofit sector in 1992 after jobs in advertising and commercial real estate. During his nonprofit career, he served as Director of Development of The Golden Apple Foundation, founder of the Center of Teaching and Learning which teaches educators how to incorporate technology into the classroom, and was a high school teacher in the Chicago Public Schools. Most recently, Clint served as Director of Donor Services and Program Development at the Chicago Community Trust. During his tenure, donations increased from $15 million to $90 million annually and grants from donors increased from $1 million to over $45 million annually. Clint also created the Trust’s Poverty Initiative, Return on Chicago and raised over $20 million in funding.

Mr. Mabie received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Ohio Wesleyan University, a Master of Management from J.L Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University and a Master of Arts in Teaching from National-Louis University. 

Clint currently serves as a board member of the Tucson Values Teachers, and Arizona Grantmakers Association, and is a member of the Southern Arizona Leadership Council and Tucson Regional Economic Organization. He has served on nonprofit boards for over 20 years including, The Community Mental Health Council, National-Louis University and the Chicago District Golf Association. Clint is married to Debi and has three children, Chess, Clark and Martha

An Interview With a Philanthropist

Wednesday, January 10th, 2018

Michael Kasser is one of the most generous philanthropists in Tucson. Have you wondered how he came to be so involved in the nonprofit sector here, and what it takes to keep a person like him engaged? In this interview format, Pauline Hechler, CFRE, will talk with Mr. Kasser about his philanthropy, what he looks for when investing in a charitable cause, what he expects from an organization in which he has invested, and what advice he has for charitable fund raisers. Join us for an “up close and personal” experience with the iconic Michael Kasser.

I. Michael Kasser bio:
Born in Budapest, Hungary in 1940, Michael Kasser is a multi-faceted person of great ability, with an education to match. He has put his money, his heart, and his brilliance full-bore into the nonprofit sector, making a lasting impact on the arts, medical research, education, and sports.

Michael has a bachelor’s degree in engineering from MIT, which he earned at age 19, a master’s in chemical engineering from MIT earned the following year, a doctorate in engineering from the University of Grenoble earned in 1964, and an MBA from Harvard Business School, received in 1968. He speaks six languages: Hungarian, Spanish, English, French, German, and Italian.

Michael is president of Holualoa Companies, an international real estate investment and development firm headquartered here in Tucson, with offices in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Hawaii, and Paris.  In addition to investing in underperforming commercial property, the company does venture capital investing. The Kassers participate in all kinds of charitable endeavors, from the Arizona Theatre Company to the Critical Path Institute. 

Michael and his wife Beth, an educator with a master’s in educational administration and curriculum development from Columbia University, met at the Yonkers Marathon. They moved from New York City to Hawaii, where they participated in many IRONMAN triathlons, and where their two children, Violet and Mikey were born. The Kassers moved here in 1994, and Tucson is very lucky they did.

Pauline Urbano Hechler, CFRE, bio:
Pauline Urbano Hechler is the Major Gifts Officer for Arizona Theatre Company. She was born in Pasadena, CA, in 1948, and grew up in Phoenix, married, and lived in San Francisco, Seattle, and Faribault, MN, before returning to Phoenix in 1974.

When her youngest child was eight, Pauline returned to the workplace, and landed a job at the Arizona Community Foundation, where she began her career as a fundraiser. She spent the next 14 years at the Foundation, Ballet Arizona, and Scottsdale Healthcare Foundation. She married Gene Hechler in 2001, and they moved to Tucson, where Pauline became Director of Development at The Gregory School, then headed a development staff of nine at the Community Food Bank, where her annual goal was $10M. In 2012, Pauline became a consultant, was lured to Arizona Theatre Company by Managing Director Billy Russo in 2016, and became Director of Development last January.

Pauline has a degree in English from the University of Washington, a CFRE designation, and a certificate in Fundraising Management from Indiana University’s Lilly Family School of Philanthropy. She has been practicing Yoga since 1971, and loves to garden and fly fish.

Pauline and Gene moved back to Phoenix in September to be near their five children and eight grandchildren. She continues to work part-time for Arizona Theatre Company, admitting to an addiction to professional theatre, not to mention fundraising.

Back by popular demand! Internationally recognized dynamic duo, Simone P. Joyaux and Tom Ahern will lead a double session.

Wednesday, December 13th, 2017

We’ll start with a thought provoking interactive plenary session, followed by breakout sessions.  CFRE’s and experienced development staff are invited to join us for lunch.

7:30 to 9:30:
Let’s all play!  “What’s YOUR opinion?” The Savvy Fundraiser’s Quiz Show! ($35)

Created exclusively for the Southern Arizona AFP chapter, based on the latest data and body of knowledge.  Q. Where’s the big new money hiding these days?   Q. What’s the single most important thing a board member can do? Q. What’s the one thing a board chair should NOT do? Q. How vital are major gifts?

The winning table gets a free convertible! Two areas essential to successful fundraising will be featured: nonprofit governance and donor communications.

9:45 to 11:30:
Mapping. Diagramming. Showing not just telling.
– Simone Joyaux (included)

Mapping the donor journey for all donors and major donors. Diagramming distinctions between boards and management. Creating a chart of steps and linkages for various complicated systems. Sketching a picture of organizational culture. Drawing relationships between departments and positions.

Why bother? Because words and memos don’t always work so well. Because drawing uses different parts of the brain. Because mapping together can produce better results and build shared understanding.   I’ll bet we all do some of this sometimes. But what if we enhanced our skills, and applied these tools more often? What might happen?

Do you want to think and play and test and experiment…And then try for real later? Then do join me.

The Writer’s Hands-On Workshop:  Everyone’s a Critic – Tom Ahern (included)

What’s wrong with this direct mail appeal, this subject line, this online giving page, this Facebook post? Participants will work in pairs to critique/rewrite real-life examples of almost-perfect, good-ish, and totally built-to-fail donor communications, mostly from small- and medium-sized local nonprofits.

The New York Times in 2016 called Tom Ahern “one of the country’s most sought-after creators of fund-raising messages.” He’ll be critiquing you as you critique this stuff. Bring a pal or meet a new friend.

Noon to 1:30:
Lunch – CFREs attend free! All Others $35 (Vegan options are available. Just let us know at )

#MeToo and #More: 3 Tough Topics Senior Fundraisers Face

Recognizing fundraisers as top leadership. How do I get the recognition and salary I want without becoming an ED? I want to be a great fundraiser my whole career.

Women in fundraising. Pay inequity. Harassment.  Sure, we may not be as bad as Harvey et al, but it’s pretty damn bad. Higher wages for men; too many men on presenting stages. (And too many white people, too.)

Identifying, hiring and nurturing new talent. Why is this so hard? What can we do to engage young people in the profession? Where are the good mid-career professionals? Why all this competition for a few great people – and no way to help people with some talent but lots to learn?


Simone P. Joyaux, ACFRE, Adv Dip 
is described as “one of the most thoughtful, inspirational, and provocative leaders in the philanthropic sector worldwide.”  In January 2018, Simone begins her 31st year as a full time consultant specializing in fund development, strategic planning, and board development/governance.

She speaks worldwide, enjoying the opportunity to work with colleagues in places like Mexico City, London, Paris, Italy, Belgium, Australia, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Slovakia… She also teaches in the philanthropy graduate program at Saint Mary’s University, Minnesota, USA.

She’s written three books: Keep Your DonorsStrategic Fund Development (now in its 3rd edition), and Firing Lousy Board Members. She’s contributed to several other books, writes for the Nonprofit Quarterly, and blogs weekly as Simone Uncensored.

Joyaux has founded two organizations, and serves regularly on boards. She’s a former chair of CFRE International, and Immediate Past Chair of Planned Parenthood of Southern New England.   

Tom Ahern
In November 2016, the New York Times called Tom Ahern “one of the country’s most sought-after creators of fund-raising messages.”

As an award-winning copywriting and journalist, he specializes in applying the discoveries of psychology and neuroscience to the day-to-day business of attracting and retaining donors.  He’s authored six well-received books on that topic; his latest is What Your Donors Want…and Why! Each year, he trains thousands of fundraisers internationally through conferences, webinars and online courses.

He works with Prof. Adrian Sargeant and psychologist Jen Shang, principals at the Hartsook Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy, Plymouth University (UK).

Simone and Tom and life partners and live in Rhode Island and France.  They jointly serve and support the Hartsook Center for Sustainable Philanthropy in the U.K.  So committed are they to the causes they believe in; they have bequeathed their entire estate to charity. 

AFP Members’ Holiday Party

Monday, November 20th, 2017

Come celebrate the season with your AFP colleagues
on Thursday, December 14, 2017


AFP Members’ Holiday Party
Thursday, December 14, 2017
5:30 pm -7:30 pm
YWCA Southern Arizona
525 N Bonita Avenue
Tucson, AZ 85745

Enjoy appetizers, desserts, wine and beer!

AFP members free/Guests $10

Please RSVP by Thursday, Dec. 7th or

We accept cash and checks on the day of the event
or pay with a credit card below.

There is no meeting in November – Join us for National Philanthropy Day on November 17, 2017

Thursday, October 12th, 2017

Purchase your Tables and Tickets for the National Philanthropy Day Luncheon Now!


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Financially Robust Nonprofits: How Successful Organizations are Diversifying Resources

Friday, September 8th, 2017

In today’s market, nonprofit organizations are looking for ways to diversify revenue, understanding the connection between unearned (donated) and earned revenue.  But the truly successful nonprofits also understand the role that borrowing (debt) can play in managing for financial strength.  In this session, you will learn some ways in which your organization might use short-term debt for managing cash-flow, bridging gaps during an important capital campaign, and more!  Please invite your CEO, your Finance Director, your Board Chair and Board Treasurer – they will appreciate hearing this information!

Keynote Presenter
Maura Grogan, Director, Nonprofit Loan Fund of Tucson and Southern Arizona

Carrie Brennan, Executive Director, City Center for Collaborative Learning
Michelle Conklin, Executive Director, Tucson Botanical Gardens
Kelly Fryer, Chief Executive Officer, YWCA of Southern Arizona

After Maura’s presentation, each panelist will answer these questions:
Were there challenges in convincing your board to take on a loan and how did you meet those challenges?
At the end of the day, was borrowing the money a good decision? 

More about Maura Grogan

Maura joined the Nonprofit Loan Fund as Director in June 2014 after more than two decades working as an independent consultant to financial institutions, nonprofits, and Native nations. Since moving to Tucson in 1999, Maura has consulted extensively with Arizona nonprofits. Prior to that, she spent 11 years in banking, working for First Interstate Bank and Bankers Trust Company in Los Angeles and HomeFed Bank in San Diego in a variety of areas, including Fortune 500 company lending, foreign currency trading, international marketing, and consumer banking.  Maura chaired the boards of the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture located in Scottsdale and Spring Green, Wisconsin, and the Women’s Foundation of Southern Arizona in Tucson; and has served on many nonprofit boards during her career. Maura has a bachelor’s degree from Yale University.

Can’t Development and Finance Just Learn to Get Along?

Tuesday, August 8th, 2017

In many nonprofit organizations, those who bring the money in (development folks) and those charged with accounting for it (finance folks) are often at odds. In this session, we’ll look at some of the pitfalls in this critical relationship, and learn to identify some of the issues that create the problems. This session creates a wonderful opportunity to invite your organization’s chief Financial Officer, CEO, or Board Treasurer. Understanding is the key to cooperation!

Clyde W. Kunz

In more than 25 years in the nonprofit sector, Mr. Kunz has served in various leadership roles, and has been consultant to nonprofit organizations for more than 17 of those years.  He currently serves on several boards including the Leadership Council of the ASU lodestar Center on Philanthropy, the Nonprofit Loan Fund of Southern Arizona, and the GRAMMY®-nominated True Concord Voices & Orchestra.  He is also an Advisor to the New York-based Episcopal Church Foundation, and serves on the Advisory Council of the Women’s Foundation of Southern Arizona.  In addition to his consulting practice, he teaches courses in both fund development and board governance for the Lodestar Center’s Nonprofit Management Institute.

Shades of Grey: Ethical Fundraising in Changing Times

Monday, July 10th, 2017

Presented by Alice Ferris and Jim Anderson of Goal Busters

Black. White. Right. Wrong. It’s easy to tell the difference, correct? The longer you are in the nonprofit sector, however, the more “grey” issues become. So how can you apply an ethical decision making to challenging and ever changing issues in fundraising and the nonprofit sector? In this session, we will discuss real world situations around accountability, public trust, and fundraising ethics.  

Alice L. Ferris, MBA, CFRE, ACFRE and James Anderson, CFRE are partners in GoalBusters, specializing in outsourced development for small to medium nonprofits; integrated fundraising, marketing and strategic planning; and customized education and training programs with clients in many sectors,  including public and community broadcasting, education, arts and culture, social service, healthcare, and indigenous communities. 

 Jim Anderson has more than 30 years of sales and sales training experience through his positions with local media and national research companies such as Nielsen Media, Simmons and Scarborough Research. He migrated into the nonprofit arena in 2005 and specializes in marketing and branding strategy, social media marketing, multimedia production, direct sales and sponsorship training programs, and board and organizational training. Jim is a past honoree as the Association of Fundraising Professionals Northern Arizona Fundraising Professional of the Year and a Past President of the AFP Northern Arizona chapter. He received his Certified Fundraising Executive (CFRE) credential in 2013.

Alice Ferris has more than 25 years of professional fundraising experience, and specializes in strategic and development planning, board development, annual giving, nonprofit operations and public broadcasting hosting. Alice has served on a multitude of nonprofit boards over the past 20 years, currently chairing the Advanced Certified Fundraising Executive (ACFRE) credentialing board and serving on the CFRE International Board and the Wisconsin School of Business Bolz Center for Arts Administration advisory board. She is a three-time honoree as AFP-Northern Arizona Fundraising Professional of the Year, and earned her CFRE in 1999 and her ACFRE in 2010.

Alice and Jim are both AFP Master Teachers and are presenters in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Making Your AFP Membership Count!!

Wednesday, June 7th, 2017

Come be part of determining how your membership works for you!  Our July program will give AFPSOAZ members and friends a chance to discuss the role of membership in our local AFP chapter and how membership and programming can be more engaging in the future. This program will be a facilitated open discussion to help the Membership Committee gather data and guide the development of programs and activities going forward.  We hope you will come…all who attend will have a chance to win one free registration** to the 2017 Statewide Conference in July.  Don’t miss this one-time opportunity!

**The fine print:  If you win and have already paid for your conference registration you may use the free registration to bring another person (e.g. board member, volunteer, staff member, supervisor or another person interested in learning more about philanthropy!  The conference is a great opportunity to showcase what AFP is about.

Speaker Bios: 

John-Peter Wilhite has served as the Director of Donor Relations for YWCA Southern Arizona since September 2016. Prior to this position he was the Executive Director of Sonoran Glass School and was with the school for over four years.  John-Peter has worked in the non-profit world for a little over 30 years and has spent much of his career with agencies which advocate for disenfranchised individuals.  He has a BFA from Pratt Institute in Fashion Merchandising and an MA in Human Communication from Texas State University. He has a great appreciation for art and loves the time he gets to spend with his Italian Greyhound.

Emilie Doleshel has over 12 years of experience as a professional fundraiser. She started her career with the American Cancer Society, worked in fundraising roles for both elementary and higher education institutions in the San Francisco Bay area, and as the Development Officer at the Notre Dame ACE Academies of Tucson. She is currently the Philanthropic Engagement Manger with the Women’s Foundation of Southern Arizona.  Emilie has a master’s of science in library and information science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Notre Dame. She earned her Certified Fund Raising Executive credentials in 2016.


Julie Ragland has served as the Development Director at the Rialto Theatre Foundation since April of 2016. A lover of the arts, animals, and nature, she’s been proud to serve many Tucson non-profits including the Center for Biological Diversity, Tohono Chul Park, Fox Tucson Theatre, El Rio’s Birth & Women’s Health Center, and the Humane Society of Southern Arizona. She holds a BA in Anthropology and Portuguese from the University of Arizona. She also enjoys teaching kids Capoeira classes at Studio Axé, and spending time with her husband, son, and menagerie of small animals.


Reaching Your Organizational Diversity Goals

Thursday, May 11th, 2017

Presenters: Debi Chess Mabie, Executive Director of the Arts Foundation and Liane Hernandez, Community Outreach and Education Director for the YWCA

About the Presenters

Debi Chase Mabie has over 25 years of nonprofit program development and leadership experience in a variety of sectors– including youth and community development, and arts based economic development. She received a bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Wright State University, and a Master’s Degree in Urban Planning and Policy from the University of Illinois at Chicago.  She served in the United States Peace Corps from 1989 to 1991.  Prior to moving to Tucson with her husband and children in 2010, was the Executive Director of BooCoo Cultural Center and Café in Evanston, Illinois.

She was the Development Director of the Loft Cinema for three years, and is now the Executive Director of the Arts Foundation for Tucson and Southern Arizona (formerly Tucson Pima Arts Council) where she has helped shepherd forward and shape the newly emerging conversation and perception around the role of the arts, and arts funding, in economic development and city planning.

E. Liane Hernandez is the Community Life Director of the YWCA Southern Arizona in Tucson, AZ.  She is a convener and works to create space for individuals and organizations to do the work of community building.  Trained as an art historian, chef and anthropologist she is a student of the questions of what is community, who gets to participate and how.  She is a member of the Tucson Voices OpEd Project 2016 and the Pima County Women’s Commission.  She lives in her beloved city of Tucson, Arizona with her partner, Peter, their two dogs and a cat.