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Peer Mentorship Program

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Welcome to the mentorship program of the Southern Arizona Chapter of the AFP

Our peer mentorship program is a benefit of chapter membership. It is designed to help members who are interested in learning new skills through the development of supportive one-on-one relationships. The program coordinator matches peers who are interested in learning with peer members who are experienced, have relationships in the community, and who have expressed an interest in helping a fellow member in their learning process.

Peer mentorship is monitored and coordinated by AFP board and committee members. Once you enter the program these monitors will keep in contact with you to see how your relationship is progressing, and will be available to you if you have to make changes to your agreement, or need help resolving an issue.

Mentors and peers make the following agreements upon entering the program:

They agree to meet/communicate with each other at least once a month. The peer agrees to contact their mentor and set a time and place to meet each month.

Peers agree to read and understand the Peer Mentoring Match Guidelines given to them at the beginning of the program and abide by them.

All participants agree to notify a program monitor if a problem arises with their assigned peer or Mentor; or with anyone else involved with the Peer Mentoring Program.

All participants agree to remain in contact with the Mentorship monitor and complete the surveys and reports that are sent out to evaluate the program.

All participants agree to attend Peer Mentoring meetings and activities sponsored by the AFP Chapter and the Mentoring Program.

To enter the program you need to download an application and email it with your resume to

Mentor Application (PDF Version)  Mentor Application (Word Version)

Peer Application (PDF Version)  Peer Application (Word Version)