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NEWS ITEM: At our National Philanthropy Day luncheon in November, Dana Dawson pledged $5,000 to establish a scholarship endowment benefiting the Southern Arizona Chapter of AFP. Thank you Dana! Might your organization benefit from an endowed fund? Should you campaign for one? This month’s “Dollars and Sense” will look at endowments.

UNIVERSITIES AND HOSPITALS have been soliciting endowment gifts for generations, but is an endowment effort viable for a small, service-based agency? Many of us are hard-pressed to keep the lights on. Can we afford to spend time and effort on an endowment campaign?

Definitely, says Clyde Kunz of the Community Foundation of Southern Arizona. “In our own personal lives, most of us have checking accounts, savings accounts and some sort of retirement plan,” Clyde explained. “Nonprofits have operational accounts and reserves. We should look at establishing an endowment account to serve as our ‘retirement fund;’ an account that will produce revenue each month no matter how things are going day-to-day.”

Tom Ahern: “The best sales pitch I can think of is Oxford. Their first endowment was established in 1249. It still has the original donor’s name and still sends poor kids to a great college, just like it did in the 13th Century.”

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National Philanthropy Day may be over but check out these photos of the Honorees



Thank You to Our January Meeting Sponsor

Thank You to Our January Meeting Sponsor

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Arizona Gives Day: What’s New in 2015

February 13, 2015 7:30 am to 9:00 am

Arizona Gives Day is a single day of online giving that has raised over $2.3 million for Arizona’s nonprofits, with Southern Arizona being a regional leader! Join us for the latest news and information that will help you turn this day into an anchor of your fundraising plan. Topics include: •    Creative strategies for incorporating […]

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