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ALAN CLAYTON, a marketing and development consultant with Clayton Burnett in Britain, suggests fundraisers need to acknowledge what advertisers have known for decades:  Our messaging must aim at the heart.

“It’s not about making your donors think, it’s about making them FEEL,” Clayton says.  “If you can’t infuse emotion into your message, you’re doomed before you lick your first envelope.”

Fortunately, modern media provides a number of great platforms from which to inject emotion into our appeals. If you think a picture is worth a thousand word, how much would the following video be worth as an appeal for your own organization?

We invite you to share the next 3 minutes enjoying a public service spot from an insurance company in Thailand.  The tagline in the closing scene is “Believe in Good.”   We believe this short video is VERY good. Enjoy!


Thank You to our June Meeting Sponsor

Thank You to Our June Meeting Sponsor

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Roses Are Red, What Color Are You?

June 12, 2015 7:30 am to 9:00 am

Bob Logan, a certified “True Colors” facilitator, will lead a fun and interactive journey exploring why well-balanced teams — be they on a Little League field or in the Executive Suite at Apple —  often enjoy the greatest success.  True Colors is a personality assessment tool. What “color” are you? What personality traits do you […]

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